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Two of the biggest karting talents from UK and Italy onboard

2016 F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg and his former karting protégé Dino Chiesa proudly announced the launch of the ROSBERG YOUNG DRIVERS ACADEMY at the Circuito Internazionale Napoli at Sarno (Italy) on April 22nd, 2018.
The first two drivers to race for the new ROSBERG RACING team are Taylor Barnard (13) and Lorenzo Travisanutto (18). Barnard is from Norwich, UK, and is competing in the OK junior class. In 2017, he won the British Cadet Championship, the LGM Series and the British Open Championship. Lorenzo Travisanutto is from Italy and his biggest success to date was winning the 2016 World Series of Karting. He will drive in the WSK OK senior class.
Dino Chiesa: “Today the development of a driver is not only turning the steering wheel. It’s more than that. It’s more about engineering, marketing and media. That’s why I believe, that Nico and I are a good mix to support talent.”
Nico Rosberg: “Dino is the best in the karting world and I believe in the performance of Dino’s own Kart Republic Chassis which we will be using. He was my boss in all my international karting years. The most successful year was when Lewis and I were in Team MBM (Mercedes-Benz McLaren) and Dino lead us to great successes. We have been friends ever since. So it is special to now join forces to support the stars of the future. We are very happy that Taylor and Lorenzo have joined our project and we look forward to taking on the karting world together. I also want to thank Ravenol who powered me to the World Championship for joining.”
Technical supplier RAVENOL will support the development of the drivers on the engineering and technical side.

The Kart Guru

Son of a karting pioneer, Dino Chiesa left his racing seat early to dedicate himself to the technical aspects of racing and chassis development, soon becoming a revolutionary pioneer himself renowned for his technical expertise and talent scouting.

Dino Chiesa is an entrepreneur and sports personality that has been operating in the professio-nal kart racing scene for over 40 years, having led the manufacture and sale of kart chassis for succes-sful teams such as Zanardi, CRG, Chiesa Corse and, as of today, Kart Republic, which has quickly gained attention for its many podiums in major international competitions.
Dino Chiesa started his long career climbing through the ranks of fac-tory and kart racing world leading company CRG S.p.A., starting as a mechanic in 1984 to become Team Principal in 1988.
He left CRG in 1999 to start his own team – MBM Mercedes Benz McLaren – which raised
F1 world champions Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.
The most talented drivers currently disputing in F1 and feeder formu-las have been under his guidance, most recently the Dutch two times karting world champion Nyck de Vries, now a promising driver in McLaren’s Young Program , as well as the two Canadian drivers Kami Moreira-Lalibertè and Lance Stroll, with the latter being admitted to the  Ferrari Driver Academy.
As the founder, partner and Team Manager of Kart Republic, today he specializes in the development of racing chassis. As a strong advoca-te of karting as a school of life, he feels particularly passionate about one of the fundamental aspects of this sport: the mentoring of young drivers on the circuits and in life.



Martinius Stenshorne Rosberg Racing Academy OKJ Driver

Martinius Stenshorne is OK Junior Driver.

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Taylor Barnard Rosberg Racing Academy

Barnard is from Norwich, UK, and is competing in the OK junior class. In 2017, he won the British Cadet Championship, the LGM Series and the British Open Championship.

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