Antonelli wins the Second Round of the WSK Euro Series

Another round of the WSK Euro Series in done, and our driver in OKJ, the Italian Andrea Kimi Antonelli, scored a well-deserved win!
After struggling during last week’s Euro Champ, due to not optimal physical conditions, the WSK Super Master Series Champion got back to his usual pace, concluding this week end in first position!
Our drivers in OK also showed serious commitment in all weather conditions. Barnard was very fast, being able to gain a front row start for the final; he eventually ended up losing positions in a furious battle, finishing P6, but his lap times were fast enough to put him on the podium with fellow KR drivers Travisanutto and Patterson.
A bit of an unlucky week end for Han, who has showed good speed, but wasn’t lucky in qualy because of traffic. Having to start from the mid field he eventually found himself having to fight really hard to get through, getting a few penalties for the collapsed front spoiler. He finished his final 14th.

OKJ winner, Andrea Kimi Antonelli:

“We’ve taken full advantage of the practice sessions to build a strong performance. Unfortunately, I made a mistake during qualifying and wasn’t able to secure a pole position. During the heats I’ve been able to recover from P6 in the grid, finishing 2nd twice and 4th on the last heat. I started third on the grid in the final, and had to fight with Day and Ten Brinke. The last laps have been a bit tricky and I’ve had to avoid a contact in the very last corner, when Day forced me on the kerb. After the race he received a penalty, which turned me into the race winner. A bit of an unusual way to win a race, but it’s a good boost for this Championship.
I’d like to thank both team Rosberg Racing Academy and Kart Republic for the amazing chassis they gave me. Also big thanks to IAME for the great engines.”

Our Manager, Flavio:

“Very good race from Antonelli in OKJ! A much better week end after last week end (during the CIK FIA European Championship E.D.); he did everything right, from qualifying to the finals, and scored a well-deserved win.
Taylor Barnard started his week end very well, being always fast enough to battle for the podium. He closed P5 in the final after a very hard fight with his opponents.
Han also had an overall positive week end. He showed some good performance overall during the week end; unfortunately, he had to start from the back rows in the finals because of some front bumper penalties.”

Rosberg Racing Academy will be racing again in two weeks in Genk, Belgium, for the second round of the CIK FIA European Championship.