Rosberg Racing Academy celebrated two podiums last weekend; Antonelli scored a fantastic win in OKJ after a very competitive weekend on his favorite track, and Barnard also made it onto the OK podium after recovering from the back of the grid!
Our team is also delighted to be on the Championship podium with both drivers; pretty good result for two rookies in their respective classes!Let’s hear more from the protagonists.

Antonelli, winner in OKJ:

“This is one of my favorite tracks, and we’ve been very fast throughout the whole weekend. I started P2 in the final and I immediately noticed I had enough pace to make my move and take the lead. In the final part of the race, I had a little moment when I found some dirt on track that I couldn’t avoid, but after cleaning my tires, I kept enough margin to win the race. I’d like to congratulate Alfio for securing a podium, and also I would like to say thank you to my mechanic Giulio, Kart Republic, Iame, Lucky Design, Alpinestar, Bengio and Mercedes for their support.”

Rosberg Racing Academy Manager, Flavio:

“Very positive weekend for us! Antonelli did great, from the start of qualifying to winning this race with merit, also catching 2nd place in the Championship. We’re really happy about that, as this is his first year in OKJ.
Finally, we scored another podium with Barnard in OK! He’s been the fastest driver on track since day one; he wasn’t lucky during qualifying, but recovered very well after starting P12 in the final and jumping onto the podium.”

KR General Manager, Dino Chiesa:

“I’m happy for Antonelli, he scored a great win here! He’s been competitive in all phases, showing we made a good job in OKJ, in preparation for the World Cup.
I’m really satisfied with our young drivers coming up, like Barnard, who scored a nice podium in OK this time!”

The next event is going to be the World Cup in Alaharma, Finland.