Great Performance But Unlucky Outcome For Rosberg Racing Academy in Sweden

Very good performances shown by our drivers in Sweden last week end, despite the unlucky turnaround for Antonelli; the Italian driver scored pole on Friday, was strong during the heats and also won the pre-final, but lost some pace in the final due to the lack of grip, finishing 5th.
In OK, Barnard kept a good pace throughout the whole week end, and gained positions in the championship, being now 4th in the rank; not bad for the young British driver, in his first ever European Competition.

OKJ driver, Andrea Kimi Antonelli

“This week end we have been really focused on building a solid performance, and we actually scored pole position on Friday, so we did good. Everything went pretty smooth during the heats, but we struggled a lot with the tires during the final; I couldn’t go over 5th position. We’re now looking forward to Le Mans; we will try to win, as usual.”

Rosberg Racing Academy Manager, Flavio

“It’s been a good week end for Antonelli in OKJ; he scored pole position and won 2 heats. Unfortunately, he struggled during the final and closed 5th. Not ideal, considering how he started the weekend, but we know what went wrong and we will come back stronger in Le Mans.
In OK, Taylor recovered a little bit and finished 6th in a very competitive final, when all drivers were pushing a lot and with a good pace.
Han didn’t qualify well, and that can be a problem in such a high level competition. Later he showed he’s growing well; he was fast during the heats and we’re happy about his performances and how he keeps getting better.”

OK driver, Taylor Barnard

“My week and was pretty good and now I’m 4th in the Championship. I couldn’t achieve more in the final, I was struggling a bit, but overall the performance was pretty good, especially in the heats.
I want more, so we’ll keep working hard for Le Mans.”

Kart Republic General Manager, Dino Chiesa

“Another good week end where we keep being competitive with all of our drivers. I’m happy for Taylor Barnard, as he’s now 4th in the Championship; this is a very high level competition, and he’s doing great in his first year racing Internationally.
In OKJ we made a little mistake with Antonelli; he wasn’t able to perform as good during the final as he did for the rest of the week end. There has been a lot of talking in the paddock about the inconsistency of the provided tires; I deny those rumors; we have the responsibility for what happened to Antonelli. I’m sorry about that, he’s had great pace for the whole week end, and I’m sure he will come back stronger in Le Mans.”

The final round of this 2019 edition of the CIK FIA European Championship will take place in Le Mans, in late July.