The Karting circus is finally leaving the paddock of Sarno after two very intense racing week ends!

This first round of the WSK Euro Series didn’t go quite as good as last week, but our drivers showed some really good performances as usual.
Racing is though! Some of our drivers suffered issues during qualifying and had to start from the middle of the pack; that always raises the chances of getting involved into contacts and crashes.
Other drivers were actually competitive in qualy, like Han Cenyu who qualified P9. He later had to face some aggressive racing, slipping down in the overall rank.
Our OKJ WSK Master Series Champion, Andrea Kimi Antonelli, was able to recover and hold position in a difficult week end, finishing in the Top 10.

Let’s see what Team Manager Flavio has to say:

“It’s been a tough week end for us; we’ve had difficult qualifying sessions, which makes it hard to progress in the heats, as always when you start from the middle of the field.
Antonelli has been able to climb the rank anyway in the OKJ final and his lap times were good.

In OK Barnard had a problem in qualifying, but made a great job during the heats and in the pre-final, recovering a lot of positions. Unfortunately, a contact happened during the final while he was P5.
This is racing! We were actually pretty competitive and we will come back next race, fighting for the podium, as usual.”

Few words from Dino Chiesa, General Manager for Kart Republic:

“It wasn’t a lucky week end for us. We’ve had some issues during qualifying but our drivers had a very good pace, and they’ve been able to recover strongly.
Unfortunately, racing from the back of the grid can be dangerous and we got involved in many contacts, including during the final.

We know how things can turn around pretty differently from race to race. This is racing!
Anyway, we know the performance is there, so we feel really confident for the rest of the season.”