Rosberg Racing Academy seizes another title, winning the 2019 WSK Super Master Series with Andrea Kimi Antonelli in OKJ! The Italian has been very competitive during this first part of the 2019 season; despite being unable to take part to the final, due to a contact happened during his pre-final, he concluded a tough week end in Sarno with the Championship trophy in his hands. Amazing work from both team Kart Republic and Antonelli. We’re now determined to also win the Euro Series, wich is going to start next week end again in Sarno.

OK class also saw Rosberg Racing Academy on the podium with a brilliant Taylor Barnard, always on the first row of the grid, fighting with the Championship winner, our fellow driver from Kart Republic, Dexter Patterson.
Taylor finished in P2 in a rushing final lap, while he was chasing Patterson from a very close distance.
We’re also happy about the performance showed by our driver Han. He was unlucky in the pre-finals, as he got involved in a contact that took him out of the rank for the final. Anyway he keeps growing fast and strong and will be able to achieve more in the remaining part of the season.

Here’s what the protagonists had to say after on Sunday afternoon.

Here’s what Antonelli had to say straight after the podium:

I’m really happy, we won the WSK Super Master Series Championship!
This last race didn’t go as we expected; unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to the final because of a contact I had during the pre-final. I think I was lucky to win this Championship anyway, even though I see this episode as a reward for my misfortune in Lonato, two weeks ago. Now we will try to also win the WSK Euro Series, and both the European and World Championships!

I’m really happy to be racing for Rosberg Racing Academy, representing a F1 World Champion! I always text Nico after every race, I think this time he will be pretty happy about this achievement.

I like being in this team with Dino Chiesa, we’ve worked really hard to get to this point. Dino is so talented; he always knows what to say and what to do and I’m really grateful for his support.

Barnard talks about his impressions after his brilliant performance in the final:

It’s been a good week end! This competition is very difficoult; it’s my first year in OK and in very competitive races like these, so even finishing second is a really good result for me.

I’d like to thank Kart Republic, Rosberg Racing Academy and everybody who helped me to get here. This team really feels like a family to me!

Few words from Dino Chiesa:

I’m really satisfied about winning this WSK Super Master Championship in both OK and OKJ!
I’m not so happy about how we won in OKJ; I was hoping to have Antonelli fighting on track but fortunately we got some luck back and won this championship anyway.

I really enjoyed watching Patterson and Barnard racing together in the final, competing for the win. Overall all the guys made a great job, including Travisanutto (with Team HTP); he’s making some development for us, and he keeps being really competitive.